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Sutcliffe Vineyards

John Sutcliffe
September 6, 2016 | John Sutcliffe

Chronology of Madness

Chronology of madness
1995 the architect said plant vines. 1997 the pleasant shock of discovering we have actually made wine (however ordinary). 1999 proper wine in the bottle. 2001 Sutcliffe Wine on  the wine lists of terrific restaurants. Thoroughly ensuring the chronology of madness would continue.

Magical wine
Of course the wines are magic. How could they not be, growing between the Sleeping Ute Mountain and the Battle Rock. Wary wild horses watch us from the crumbling benches of the mountain while the ghosts of Navajos who leaped to their deaths off the Battlerock to avoid capture by the Utes. The wind, redolent with sage and chamomile, sweeps between these ancient battle grounds and spirits dance to the throb of legend.

Canyon of the Ancients
Within an hour of our Vineyard Oasis lie a plethora of exquisite Anasazi sites. In their long somnolence perhaps the Ancient Ones reflect on our stubborn struggle to make brilliant wine amongst the haunting ruins of their fleeting genius. I think they do with a grudging respect in concert with their aching sadness.


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