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Sutcliffe Vineyards

John Sutcliffe
June 2, 2017 | John Sutcliffe

The Vineyard

Twenty years ago on a Ranch, deep in South West Colorado a tiny Vineyard was planted. The date stands out as it was the birth of a fundamentally new approach to Wine Making in Colorado. That legacy is both maintained and developed, arguably defining and leading the burgeoning Colorado Wine industry.  The Vineyard's first wine maker was Ben Parsons who has parlayed his remarkable creativity and drive into The Infinite Monkey Theorem, a new and brilliant approach to the world of wines. At Sutcliffe Vineyards he produced delicious, deep and lasting wines. When Joe Buckel took over, fresh from Flowers in Sonoma, the direction changed to a more traditional model with increased emphasis on the growing of the grapes and less intrusive practices in the crafting of the wine.
The Vineyard now produces over 5,000 cases which find their way into some of America's most celebrated restaurants and resorts, wines that are sought by serious wine lovers, keen to celebrate the obscurity and idiosyncratic of Sutcliffe Vineyard's wines and of course their brilliance.
Perhaps having Princess Caroline of Monaco and her husband Prince Ernst-August of Hanover taste the the vineyards first Cabernet Franc, standing in the kitchen on a blustery morning was an omen of things to come.


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